Drying the tears of needy kids

Helping young victims of floods, earthquake, famine, really bad hair cuts and other disasters one high quality toy at a time.

Friends of Needy Kids is an unregistered charity founded by Colin Cumberbund to dry the tears of needy kids.

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Faces of FONK

Colin CumberbundCEO, CFO, COO, President, Founder, Executive Director, Chair Emeritus, Visionary

Colin Cumberbund

CEO, CFO, COO, President, Founder, Executive Director, Chair Emeritus, Visionary

Founder and the very lifeblood of Friends of Needy Kids

Coiln Cumberbund founded FONK with the goal of drying the eyes of needy children everywhere.

A serial do-gooder, Mr. Cumberbund’s first act of kindness came was when he was just a baby.  At 9 months of age, he dropped a few raisins from his high chair tray to the dog waiting for crumbs below.  This simple act of sharing and the ensuing tail wagging filled young Colin with a warmth and sense of joy.  He has spent his life trying to recreate that feeling.

“Give, give, give” is one of Colin Cumberbund’s most beloved expressions.  And give, he does.  He is a giver, a good-doer and a tear-dryer.  His good works have won him many many awards, commendations and prizes.  Modesty prevents him from listing them.

Colin loves walks on the beach (except when there’s sand), good books (especially ones with fewer than 100 pages or a lot of pictures), solitaire and peanuts.

Reeny MussoliniCoordinator, Volunteer Service

Reeny Mussolini

Coordinator, Volunteer Service

Reeny Mussolini is FONK’s newest staff member.

Ms. Mussolini was hired to coordinate FONK’s generous volunteers.  Highly efficient, well-organized and very motivated, Reeny had volunteer operations running smoothly within days of joining the organization.

She saw she had lots of time on her hands and turned her attention to other things that needed doing.  And at FONK, many things needed doing. Reeny Mussolini has recently taken on many new duties at FONK.

Reeny Mussolini enjoys kickboxing classes when she has time, helping others and drinking coffee.